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Beat battles

2011-03-17 20:01:06 by dj-protege

Get at me anyone who wants to throw down for some fun. (No Homo)


2010-04-04 13:25:16 by dj-protege

Blowin' Money Ent.


2009-11-29 13:15:20 by dj-protege

Southern Boss Ent. hitin the street n***a!

Fuckin haters

2009-09-20 19:35:47 by dj-protege

Damn hatas get off me man, Im not sayin im the best but fuck that, i dont deserve to be zero bombed, ive never zero bombed anyone before, nor good or bad, so get off my dick!


2009-01-24 14:39:03 by dj-protege

Well All im looking for is Rappers for some of my beats and I wanna get a dark rapper on Nine to ses dome, and Creepin on the low, and My favorite beat i ever made is Slabbin and I really want a trae style rapper on that one, so it me up any time for a collab or anything peace!